Scott Shipp
Lead Software Engineer in Seattle

About Me

Who I am

I am a Lead Software Engineer who…

    …believes that building the right thing is as important as building the thing right.

    …designs for quality attributes like cost, performance, and security.

    …champions modern, clean, and testable code.

    …can mentor and lead both individuals and teams, using multiple media.

    …pragmatically adopts new tools and approaches when their value outweighs their cost.

    …takes a multidisciplinary approach to software engineering.

    …brings a broad perspective from experience in the travel, non-profit health, telecommunications, real estate, music, and social marketplace industries.


  • Leads the design and implementation of cloud-native microservices at OpenMarket with the goals of lowering costs, scaling up, reducing waste, and improving developer productivity.
  • Drives adoption of tools and practices like ADRs, continuous delivery, and BDD testing at OpenMarket.
  • Contributed to scaling an SMS messaging platform from one billion to over five billion messages per month.
  • Built the first integration between Zillow Offers and Zillow Home Loans, which made it possible to shop for a new home while selling an existing one, in one integrated workflow with reduced paperwork.
  • Won a product award as one of the engineers behind the innovative American Heart Association Heart360 personal health record application.

See my LinkedIn profile for more career details.